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Ice cream machine common fault repair

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The ice cream maker of the ice cream maker is a machine for making ice cream. The ice cream machine was bought back, and various faults will occur more or less during the operation. Ice cream machine manufacturers summarize the common fault maintenance methods:

1. Phenomenon: the machine does not start

Possible cause a: The power of the device is not powered. Solution: Check the power supply.

Possible cause b: The cables inside the machine are loose. Solution: Check and fix by professional electrician.

Possible cause c: The computer board of the device is faulty. Solution: call after-sales call processing.

2. Phenomenon: water leakage and material leakage from discharge valve

Possible cause a: The sealing ring of the discharge valve is damaged. Solution: replace the sealing ring of the outlet valve.

Possible cause b: The stem seal is damaged. Solution: Replace the stem seal ring.

Possible cause c: The tightening nut is not tightened. Solution: Tighten the nut.

3. Water leakage and material leakage from the residual material pipe

Possible cause a: The sealing sleeve of the mixer is damaged. Solution: replace the agitator sealing ring.

Possible cause b: The seal of the reducer is damaged. Solution: call after-sales call processing.

4. The ice cream made is too soft

Possible cause a: The gear setting is unreasonable. Solution: Change the gear.

Possible cause b: The small space around the machine is not good for heat dissipation. Solution: Leave a suitable space for heat dissipation.

Possible cause c: The scraping strip is worn. Solution: replace the scraper.

Possible cause d: The condenser is too dirty. Solution: clean the condenser.

Possible cause e: raw material quality problems. Solution: replace raw materials.

Possible cause f: refrigerant leakage. Solution: call after-sales call processing.

Possible cause g: The cooling fan is malfunctioning. Solution: call after-sales call processing.

5. The machine is in automatic state but does not discharge

Possible cause a: The inlet is frozen. Solution: Stop and unfreeze.

Possible cause b: No material in the bowl. Solution: feeding.

Probable cause c: The expansion tube is reversed. Solution: Reinstall the puffing tube.

6. The cabinet has static electricity

Possible cause: The power cord is not effectively grounded. Solution: The power cord is properly grounded.