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JIANGMEN JINGLING REFRIGERATION ENTERPRISES LTD. was established in 1981. Plans to develop ice cream machine.

In 1983, the project was formally established by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Machinery, introducing an Italian ice cream machine for research and development.

In 1986, it was successfully developed, commissioned and tested, and trial production started.

Successful trial production in 1988. The customer of the first Chinese soft ice cream machine BQ313 is from Northeast China.

In 1989, he participated in a light industrial product exhibition jointly organized by Shenzhen Zhuhai. Since then, the sales curtain of soft ice cream machine in the Chinese market has been opened.

In 1990 launched the new BQ216

From 1991 to 1992, annual sales of 1,000 ice cream machines + 500 Xuerong machines.

The new BQ318 was launched in 1992

The new BQ323 was launched in 1993

The new BQ432 was launched in 1994

1995 BQ108 (Single-flavor small soft ice cream machine) was launched

In 1997, the new BQ113, BQ238, CB800, CB400, and CB980 were launched (among which CB980 became the most popular style)

In 1999, sales reached two cabinets per week (54 units/cabinet)

In 2001, China’s Hubei market only sold 3,000 units per year (chain)

In November 2001, the director of Wuhan Technology Plant and our chief engineer developed the BQ318G fruit and vegetable machine. It was sold after the Spring Festival in 2002, 1000 units/year.

So far, our company has a research and development team of 10 engineers and 12 senior technicians.

In 2001, the machine with the expansion pump was launched.

Due to the impact of SARS on the new nut machine introduced in 2003, the machine sold only 300 units.

Participated in the Canton Fair for the first time in 2004, which opened the curtain of product export.

From 2004 to 2014, every spring and autumn Canton Fair will lack the presence of Jingling Refrigeration Company.

In October 2003, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Economics and Trade arranged for the principals and senior engineers of Jingling Refrigeration Company to go to Germany and France for technical exchange and study.

In December 2004, he went to India to participate in the exhibition.

In November 2005, organized by Jiangmen Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department to Brazil and Cuba to participate in the exhibition.

Planning of new factory site from 2006 to 2008 (Wuhe Foreign Trade and Economic Industrial Zone, Daze Town, Xinhui District)

In 2009, the dealer marketing model was started, and the most cost-effective products were selected for improvement and upgrading.

Relocated to a new factory in 2010 (that is, the current location of Jingling Refrigeration)

In 2011, the general manager went to Australia to understand the local market, and new marketing models began to be prepared.

In 2012, a project was established to develop a worm gear ice cream machine.

In 2015, SC91, SF95PLUS and SC26 were successfully trial-produced and started to be sold.

2017 Participated in the Milan Exhibition in Italy.

2018 has its own warehouse in Australia, which is convenient for local customers and agents to buy.

In 2019, general manager Yu Xinan and production manager Ou Limin were invited by French Taikang Company to visit the R&D center. The refrigeration system will be further improved and another chapter will be opened.