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Let's talk about the 4th part-the basic criteria for purchasing commercial ice cream machines.

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One: It is recommended to include a pre-cooling function for commercial ice cream machines, because the pre-cooling function can ensure that the ice cream material in our hopper is fresh and not deteriorating. This function can guarantee all of our milk and fresh milk ice creams, in addition to the sanitary license and safety. The material must be kept at a temperature of 5 degrees or less, and the stability of the pre-cooling function will increase our ice cream production capacity by about 10 to 15%.


Two: It is recommended that commercial ice cream machines need to have a throat seat lock function. The so-called throat seat lock function is that when we remove the entire throat seat, all of our button functions will fail. This is mainly for some unskilled operations Direct protection of people.

These two points are the more important selection criteria for purchasing commercial ice cream machines. Other choices are still up to you based on your own situation.