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Why does my ice cream seem to melt faster than others?

发布时间:2023-01-04 19:13人气:213

I often hear some friends complain about how much it cost to buy an ice cream, but it seems to be easy to melt, and some don't seem to melt so quickly.

In fact, there are two common situations in which ice cream is easy to melt. The first situation is that you buy ice cream with high fat and high protein content. This kind of ice cream powder formula is easier to melt. If this is your case, congratulations on your purchase of a genuine ice cream with high fat and protein content.

In the two cases, it has a low stabilizer content. Why do ice cream powder formulations need to contain stabilizers? Some non-fat and protein-free ice cream powder formulas require other additives to replace the taste of fat and protein. Stabilizers are also one of the additives. Stabilizers can make our ice cream more beautiful, but also for us Ice cream will not melt so easily, and some special ice cream can be made, and the stabilizer also needs cost.

So if you see an ice cream powder formula that does not have fat or protein, then you need to think for yourself whether it is possible that the merchant may even save the stabilizer in order to save costs.