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BQ833PY expansion pump plus pre-cooling to keep fresh


833PY is really a very "legendary" machine! Since its launch in 2009, it has been our enduring product until today.

833PY is also an optimized and upgraded version of 833Y. On the basis of 833Y, a puffing pump is used to improve the puffing rate and taste better.

Compared with 833Y, customers are more like loyal fans for 833PY.

We want to optimize the appearance of the commercial ice cream machine. Customers all directly said: "We don't want! The interior can be changed but the appearance cannot be changed!"

This is why the appearance has not changed at all for so many years.

Even some customers are very obsessed with the four keys, we are the most direct selling point based on the customer’s preference,

From the launch of 833PY to the present, it has never been changed or changed.

For this machine, the customer can be said to be able to put it down from the surface to the content, stable sales every year. It is a well-deserved star product.

Leading product of BQ series since 2009

In addition to the independent pre-cooling and fresh-keeping system

The puffing pump also lets customers who pursue the puffing rate put it down

Remarks: The reference output data in the parameter list all come from the temperature/humidity/raw material/machine placement environment of the company's test room.











  Reference output


  Reference output

 330-420CUP (80g/CUP)


 2 x 10L


 2 x 2.1L


 139 KG


 540 x 770 x 1435(mm)


 710 x 900 x 1600(mm)