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SF36 high speed hopper stirring yogurt


SF36's life experience is not too much to write 100,000 words.

This machine was tested by a chain brand in Australia in 2015.

In the same year, this ice cream machine machine was also tested by a well-known ice cream raw material formula company in Malaysia (actually a Dutch brand)...

Different regions/different raw materials/different requirements For the same machine test, then the improvement/continuous improvement/continuation improvement of this machine is the most.

From the lack of material alarm (avoiding the freezing cylinder), the buzzer reminder in the first stage is required to the forced lock in the second stage.

To remove the throat seat to function key lock machine (to protect the safety of the operator)

Then it is time to clean the lock machine (set the date when the machine must be cleaned, and the machine must be cleaned when the time is locked) to protect the food safety of consumers.

Of course, there are more function additions and improvements that are very helpful to users. I won’t go into details here, we will see them in the video.

This is why the SF36 as a belt type machine can be among the worm gear type and sit on an equal footing.

2+1 flavors: cabinet-style double flavors + mixed flavors

Hopper mixing: prevent raw materials with fat content from stratifying up and down

Large capacity hopper: 2x 10L hopper

Throat seat lock function: a safety system to protect operators

Pre-cooling and fresh-keeping system: a new upgraded version of pre-cooling and fresh-keeping in Germany in 2018

Remarks: The reference output data in the parameter list all come from the temperature/humidity/raw material/machine placement environment of the company's test room.

First overload Time







 Electric current

 1* 14A(ampere)


 France Tecumseh



 Per-cooling System

 2~10℃ adjustable

Per-cooling capacity

 1* 490BTU



Producing capacity

 1* 7570BTU

 Hardness setting

 1~15 gear adjustable

 First overload time

7~16min (material 5~15 ℃)

 Reference output

 8~10 CUP (80g/CUP)/TIME

 Interval overload time

 3~4 min(material 5~10 )

 Puffing system

 1~4 gear expansion tube Adjustable


 2 x 10L


 2 x 2.1L


 190 KG


 690 x 540 x 1370(mm)


 860 x 650 x 1590(mm)