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BQ108 Mini


The BQ108 machine can be said to be "although the body is small and has all the internal organs".

As Jingling's smallest commercial ice cream machine, the absolute advantage of 430x600x615(mm) is a well-deserved drink shop's heart!

Small size and simple style, there is no pressure to put it anywhere. This machine can produce 3-4 cups of ice cream every time it works, which fully meets the needs of small drink shops.

Ice cream machine manufacturers use a 5L hopper and a simple plastic mixing shaft according to the actual situation of customers collected for a long time. They are cleaned on the day of use, and the cleaning is very convenient, sterile and wasteless.

So that the owner and customer are more assured. The user is easy to operate.

Small size: BQ108 is the smallest model mentioned by all commercial ice cream machines of our company.

Output: 2~4 cups of ice cream each time

Simple operation: There are a total of four operation buttons and only one function, which is easy for beginners.

Remarks: The reference output data in the parameter list all come from the temperature/humidity/raw material/machine placement environment of the company's test room.









 Reference output


 Reference output

100-150CUP (80g/CUP)


1 x 5L


1 x 1.6L


56 KG


430 x 600 x 615(mm)


540 x 640 x 710(mm)