SF95Plus Italian worm double system expansion pump


SF95Plus stands on the shoulder of SF95T as a starting point.

Dual system (whether it is a refrigeration system, a transmission system, or a control system, all can operate independently)

Although it is a collection of two SC91Plus, it is better.

Hot business needs large production? It's amazing to be able to make 20 cups of ice cream at a time.

Do you think this is enough? NO! 20 ice creams are coming again at 3 minutes interval~

Too busy and do not have time to feed frequently? Every time you fill up, you can last 375 cups of ice cream.

Need a puffing pump to improve the taste of ice cream? Ice cream machine manufacturers have arranged it properly, and the expansion pump transmission system is an Italian worm gearbox motor that runs independently.

Although SF95Plus is like a perfect incarnation, but also a warm reminder: buy rationally!

It cannot be because of this machine's too many advantages, not simply because of its love for Jingling refrigeration, but also not because of its value.

It is to consider whether buying SF95Plus can bring all the advantages into full play? Whether it will not face the sense of loss of being overkill...

Double system expansion pump: worm gear and worm independent transmission system 1~6 gears adjustable expansion rate

Double system production: Both left and right hoppers can operate completely independently without interference

Large capacity hopper: 2x 15L hopper

Super quiet: Italian worm gear box + motor drive system

Throat seat lock function: a safety system to protect operators

Pre-cooling and fresh-keeping system: a new upgraded version of pre-cooling and fresh-keeping in Germany in 2018

Remarks: The reference output data in the parameter list all come from the temperature/humidity/raw material/machine placement environment of the company's test room.


 SF95 Plus




 2* 2000W

 Electric current

 2* 9A(ampere)


 France Tecumseh



 Per-cooling system

 2~10℃ adjustable

 Per-cooling capacity




 Producing capacity

 2* 5865BTU

 Hardness setting

 1~15 gear adjustable

 First overload time

 7~16min (material 5~15 ℃)

 Reference output

 14~20CUP (80g/CUP)/TIME

  Interval overload time

 2~4min(material 5~10 )

 Puffing system 2

 1~6 gear Gravity expansion pump (adjustable)

 Expansion pump drive

 Italian worm gear box motor

 Puffing system 1

 1~4 gear expansion tube (optional)


 2 x 15L


 2 x 2.1L


 270 KG


 870 x 620 x 1590(mm)


 1035 x 780 x 1790(mm)