The third point of commercial ice cream machine

2020-07-31 10:31:54 nsn 9

Let's talk about the third point of choosing a commercial ice cream machine.

Usually, some inquiries we receive will ask what is the cooling capacity of this ice cream machine? Or ask what is the hourly output of this ice cream machine?


But in fact, the data published in the above two questions are similar to the data given in the laboratory working environment, and it is not very helpful to our actual application. After all, each of us still needs to ask questions from the point of combining our actual use with regard to the placement conditions and practical use of the machine.

So I suggest that you can ask two questions: First, what is the output of this ice cream machine each time? Because the number of cups of ice cream produced each time represents whether the refrigeration system of this machine is compatible. Two questions, what are the consequences after overloading? If the consequences of overloading are not great, it proves that the matching of the entire transmission system is very good.

The above two questions can actually understand whether the commercial ice cream machine we want to buy is suitable for our actual needs, and avoid economic losses.