Why is there a smoothie for ice cream?

2020-07-31 10:25:04 nsn 0

A common problem is that when we adjust the formula, the ratio of ice cream powder and water is incorrect, and the ratio of water is too high, which will cause smoothies to affect the taste.


The second problem is related to the maintenance of our machine, that is, the parts of the mixing shaft in the mixing barrel are seriously aging, or the mixing blades on the mixing shaft are seriously worn, resulting in a gap between the mixing blade and the mixing drum. Insufficient scraping tanks and incomplete mixing will produce smoothies.

The three hard questions are that it is possible that the cooling capacity of the machine does not match the formula of the ice cream powder. Then all we need to do is to contact the manufacturer or the agent to help us adjust the cooling capacity of the machine to be completely compatible. The ice cream powder recipe matches.

There is also a possibility that our machine is completely incompatible with the formula, so at this time we need to find a formula suitable for the machine to use.

Experimenting with the new ice cream powder is basically based on the above four aspects to find the reasons.